BRIT's Mission is to Conserve our natural heritage by deepening our knowledge of the plant world and achieving public understanding of the value plants bring to life

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Operating Board of Trustees

Gregory A. Bird
Chair of the Board
President, Jetta Operating Company, Inc., Fort Worth, Texas

Edward P. Bass
Vice Chair of the Board
President, Fine Line, Inc., Fort Worth, Texas

William A. Brentlinger
Secretary of the Board
Chair, Long Range Planning Committee
President, Seville Farms, Inc., Fort Worth, Texas

Craig Hamilton
Board Treasurer
Chair, Finance & Audit Committee
Owner, Craig Hamilton & Company, Fort Worth, Texas

Charles E. Amato
Founder SWBC Corporation, San Antonio, Texas

Dana L. Burghdoff
Advisory Director
Assistant City Manager, Fort Worth, Texas

William K. Burton
Executive Vice President, Hillwood Properties, Fort Worth, Texas

Joseph P. DeWoody
Chair, Nominating Committee
President, Clear Fork Royalty, Fort Worth, Texas

R. Nowell Donovan, Ph.D.
Chair, Research Committee
Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas

Marilyn McNabb Gilbert
Co-chair, Advancement Committee

Erik Guggenheim
President/CEO & Firm Managing Partner, Delta Structural Technology LLC

Aric Head
Chair, Advancement Committee
CEO/Planner Peloton Land Solutions, Fort Worth, Texas

Marie Holliday, DMD
Doctor of Dental Medicine, Comprehensive Dental Care, Fort Worth, Texas

Michael L. Malone
Shareholder, GreenbergTraurig, Dallas, Texas

Robert J. Mitchell
Executive Recruiter, WhitneySmith Company, Fort Worth, Texas

Lauren-Ashton Moncrief
Co-Founder, L Marketing Collective, Fort Worth, Texas

Debbie Morrison
Chair, Education Committee
Community Volunteer, Keller, Texas

Paxton E. Motheral
Vice President Cassco Development Co., Fort Worth, Texas

Robert J. O'Kennon
Community Volunteer, Fort Worth, Texas

Mary G. Palko
Community Volunteer, Fort Worth, Texas

Ross Perez
Financial Advisor, Edward Jones, Fort Worth, Texas

Gina Ravnaas
Community Volunteer, Fort Worth, Texas

Kevin Robnett
Founder/CEO, InGauge, LLC, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

Jay K. Rutherford
Partner, Jackson Walker LLP, Fort Worth, Texas

Carter Smith
Advisory Director
Executive Director, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, Austin, Texas

The Honorable Fife Symington
Former Governor of Arizona
Owner, The Symington Group, Santa Barbara, California

Lewis D. Wall III
Fort Worth Community Volunteer

Nicholas L. Wanzor
Managing Partner, Hartman Wanzor LLP, Fort Worth, Texas

William Welder
Vice President, Commercial Lending, BB&T, Fort Worth, Texas

Michael Williams, MD
President, University of North Texas Health Science Center, Fort Worth, Texas


Foundation Board

D. Bradley Bourland
President of the Board
President & CEO, Diesslin Group, Inc., Fort Worth, Texas

Jane Schoomaker
Secretary of the Board
Managing Director, J. P. Morgan, Fort Worth, Texas

James Day
Senior Vice President, Commercial Banking Manager, Amegy Bank of Texas, Fort Worth, Texas

Edward P. Bass
President, Fine Line, Inc., Fort Worth, Texas

Alfred J. Lockwood
Director of Investment Administration, University North Texas Foundation, Denton, Texas

Mary M. Matranga
Chief Financial Officer/ Chief Operating Officer, JCP Investment Management, LLC, Houston, Texas


Landowner Board

H. Terry Siegel
President of the Board
President /CEO Ventamatic, Ltd., Fort Worth, Texas

Randall C. Gideon
Secretary of the Board
Principal/Chairman, Gideon Holdings, LLC., Fort Worth, Texas

Bradford Barnes
President & General Manager, Southwestern Exposition & Livestock Show, Fort Worth, Texas

Forrest Bowen
Vice President, MBL, Inc., Fort Worth, Texas

Richard F. Garvey
CEO, JaGee Holdings, LLP, Fort Worth, Texas

J. Randle Harwood
Community Volunteer, Fort Worth, Texas

Richard Zavala
Advisory Director
Director, Park and Recreation Department, City of Fort Worth, Texas