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Saturday, November 3

Urban/Suburban Permaculture

Applying permaculture to the home garden

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Join us for this three hour class and take the first steps in applying Permaculture design to your property. The class will cover Zones and Sectors, Climate and Topographical Effect, Soil Building, Water Harvesting, System Succession, and Design. Students will learn several techniques that will help you get started designing your own yards and making the most of your space. 

Instructor Jason Ramsey of Perma-Scape Landscape Design and Management, a consultancy firm dedicated to regenerative agriculture practices and the Permaculture philosophy. Jason received his Permaculture certification in February of 2014 through Permaculture Denton. Jason has been a practitioner of Permaculture since 2008.

Please note: This class will take place at BRIT.

$30 members/$35 non-members


Monday, November 5

Basic Upright Moribana, a Classic Expression of Ikebana

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Join instructor Judy Ratzlaff as she shares her love of Japanese flower arranging using the Ikebana technique of Moribana.  she will supply the flowers, kenzan (frog), and other supplies.  You will need to bring a shallow container for your arrangement.  You may also bring flowers with long stems from your own garden.  Not only will you leave with an Ikebana arrangement but with instructions to create your own at home.

Instructor Judy Ratzlaff was trained in Ikebana in Japan where she lived for many years. She is a Sogetsu school teacher and also studied Ohara school. As 2nd VP on the International Board of Ikebana, headquartered in Tokyo, from 1995-1998 she oversaw 174 Chapters in 60 countries. She was one of only 2 foreigners on the board. She was 1st VP of the Nagoya Chapter in 1991. Judy represented and co-hosted Ikebana International at the American Embassy for a tea and tour and co-chaired the Tokyo Founding Chapters Christmas Fundraiser for three years. She attended 4 International Conferences in Tokyo over 20 years, the Sixth Asian Conference in Manila, Philippines and the North American Conference in Ottawa while an officer. Judy was also 1 of 2 representatives from the North American Conference at the International Conference in Yokohama.

Please note: This class will be held at the FWBG.

$40 members/$45 non-members

Tuesday, November 6

BRIT Research Botanist

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A lecture from our newest BRIT Research Botanist. Expected start date July 2018. Topic to be decided.

Saturday, November 10

Creating Thanksgiving Floral Arrangements

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Join us for this exciting hands-on class in the principles and basics of floral design including color, balance, proportion, scale, and rhythm with Fort Worth Botanic Garden employee, Agnes Slociak Knasiak.  Dr. Slociak Knasiak will share the history of floral arrangements along with the containers, tools and mechanics of designs. Each student will take home the design on which they work along with a 4” potted fern that Agnes propagated to use in future flower designs.

Instructor Agnieszka Slociak Knasiak, has degrees from two universities in Europe including a PhD in Horticulture. During her doctoral study in Wroclaw, Poland she took special classes for “The Art of Floral Design.” She creates the flower designs each year for the Japanese Garden Festivals and designs arrangements for special events in the Botanic Garden such as birthday parties, anniversaries, funerals, holidays tables, etc. She is currently a Greenhouse Attendant for the Fort Worth Botanic Garden.

Please note: This class will be held at the FWBG. 

$40 members/$45 non-members

Monday, November 12


A behind the scenes look at this holiday favorite.

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Join Trip Smith in the Fort Worth Botanic Garden Conservation Greenhouse as he shares the history of poinsettias including their introduction into commercial production and how they have become the default Christmas flower. He will take you through a typical production cycle using the crop that is currently in production for the Garden as his visual aid. He will look at culture in the greenhouse and also in the home or hobby greenhouse. He will also discuss best practices to maintain them through the Holiday season and into the New Year!

Instructor Trip Smith is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Horticulture. He has extensive experience in a number or Horticultural areas including wholesale floral production of Chrysanthemums and Poinsettias and leads the Poinsettia program at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden.

Please note: This class will be held at the FWBG.

$20 members/$25 non-members

Monday, November 19

Braiding Sweet Grass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants

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If you love to read and you're passionate about botany, natural history, sustainability, and other similar topics, then join us the third Monday of each month for the BRIT Reads Book Club. This informal group meets from noon - 1 pm in the BRIT Library. Bring your lunch and bring a friend and come tell us what you thought about our book of the month. No time to read but still want to hear what people have to say about a particular book? No problem! We'd love to have you!