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Cheryl Potemkin

Early Childhood Program Manager


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Bloom with Bella, Books, and Botany

BRIT's Preschool Outreach Programs

Our hope is that this will inspire your sense of wonder and to take advantage of the benefits of nature when teaching all the critical domains. Bella’s Seasons of Stories, Seasons of Science is BRIT’s unique science/inquiry-based early childhood educational portfolio of products and services that uses quality children’s literature, nature, and botany. It provides opportunities for the early childhood educator to promote scientific thinking and practice, literacy, math, and creative art skills.

With each seasonal unit (3 months) purchased, the classroom receives:

  • Three specially chosen books to tie popular children's literature to science learning
  • Three classroom visits - one per month - from the Bella the Begonia puppet (along with her friend) to lead an outdoor exploration and scientific conversation on your campus
  • A curriculum support filled with pre- and post- activity ideas for your classroom that connect to the literature

Based on current research in best practices, Bella’s Building Blocks for Learning; Story Time, Purposeful Play, Exploration and Discovery, and Reflective Conversation are the teaching strategies implemented in all of BRIT’s early learning programs and can be applied to any early childhood curriculum.

This program has four critical components to ensure its success:

  • Pre-Outdoor Lessons -  Activities that give the program “roots” to lay the foundation for an outdoor exploration.
  • Outdoor Exploration Day– Activities that demonstrate best practices in outdoor learning environments.
  • Post-Outdoor Lessons – Activities that give the program “wings” to allow repeated opportunities for your students to practice science inquiry and deepen knowledge and skills.
  • A Co-Learner Mindset – Research shows that young children learn best when accompanied by a caring adult partner that guides their explorations, play, and conversations. So the activities encourage and give rise to “talk that teaches” and opportunities to grow critical thinking skills.

The curriculum support is flexible, user-friendly, and is aligned with the Texas Pre-Kindergarten Science guidelines. It is a menu from which to choose the best activities and strategies that are appropriate for your students and your available resources. It can help you weave STEM concepts and content into your existing curriculum and lesson plans for all the critical domains

Contact Cheryl Potemkin to discuss bringing this program to your school!